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in the Baroque masterpiece of Lichtenwalde Castle & Gardens


The Lichtenwalde Castle and Gardens are considered to be among the most remarkable examples of Baroque architecture and landscaping in Germany.

A minister of Augustus the Strong had the three-winged estate built between 1722 and 1726, while his son had the castle’s gardens landscaped. In 1772, the estate passed to the Counts Vitzthum von Eckstädt, who lived there until 1945.

Not to be missed are the ceremonial rooms such as the “King’s Room” and “Red Salon”, the Castle Chapel which includes one of the few remaining Donati organs, and the Tea House in the magnificent inner courtyard.

Lichtenwalde Castle and Gardens

Lichtenwalde Castle and Gardens

Lichtenwalde Castle and Gardens

Redesigned to the historical plans, Lichtenwalde’s Baroque gardens extend over 10 hectares, with a staggering number of paths and vistas, 335 historical fountains, hidden pavilions and benches, putting them on a par with the largest stately gardens in Germany.

Views into the Zschopau valley with its dark, meandering river invite visitors to pause and take it all in. Book in advance to hire games for for your visit to the Gardens – the Lichtenwalde Garden Games. Combining the idea of Baroque games with the Erzgebirge tradition of wooden toy manufacture, the games are both educational and entertaining.