Castle Museum

In the footsteps of history

Venus Hall Augustusburg Castle

Venus Hall

In the Venus Hall at Augustusburg Castle, you will find a 16th-century mural – styled after the Tannhäuser saga – which is unique in the German-speaking world.

The adjacent rooms house weapons, antique furniture and court garments that help to paint a picture of life at an electoral hunting lodge during the time of the Renaissance.

Museum of Hunting and Ornithology

Museum of Hunting and Ornithology

The Museum of Hunting and Ornithology, dedicated to the fauna of the Erzgebirge region, houses 120 impressive dioramas of birds and mammals, more than a few of which are now in danger of extinction.

The museum’s exhibits make for an excellent natural history lesson for school trips.

Stage Coach Museum, Augustusburg Castle

Stage Coach Museum

In the Stage Coach Museum, visitors can learn about the arduous nature of travel in past centuries, long before the invention of the automobile.

Exhibits include grand stage coaches and carriages both of middle-class and of rural origin.

Stage coaches from the former royal stables in Dresden are a particular highlight of the museum.