Press releases – The Must-See Three

The Must-See Three – collage
Augustusburg Castle, Scharfenstein Castle and Lichtenwalde Castle and Gardens are popular tourist destinations in Central Saxony. The three stately homes – grouped together as THE MUST-SEE THREE – are some of the most interesting cultural landmarks in the Erzgebirge and attract thousands of visitors from across the region. As the BIKERS’ CASTLE, Augustusburg is one of a kind, bringing together the finest in Renaissance and historic motorcycles. At the FAMILY CASTLE of Scharfenstein, families can look, discover and interact with exhibits in an authentic medieval atmosphere. The Lichtenwalde Castle and Gardens are considered to be among the most remarkable examples of Baroque architecture and landscaping in Germany. The TREASURY MUSEUM and the LICHTENWALDE GARDEN GAMES make Lichtenwalde a Rendezvous for the Arts.

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