Guided tours

of Augustusburg Castle

The Cranach altarpiece at Augustusburg

Public guided tours

Take a stroll through the history of the castle, explore its architectural development with the castle model, visit the Affenstube (ape room), the Gämsenstube (chamois room), the castle church with its altarpiece by Lucas Cranach the Younger, and the well house.

Guided tours run from April to October, several times a day from Tuesday to Sunday. A tour also takes place every Monday between 13:00 and 14:00.

Between November and March tours are available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Price: €4.00 per person; concessions €3.00.

Bookings for groups (15 people or more): +49 (0) 37291 3800 or online at

Prices are valid for entry/tours throughout opening hours.

Guided tours of the castle for groups (by prior arrangement)

Standard tour

Duration 50 minutes

Start in the Lindenhaus at the castle model to get a brief overview of the building’s history,
visit the church (altarpiece by Lucas Cranach the Younger) and the well house.

Price: €4.00

Tour including “refreshment from the well”

Duration 75 minutes

As per the standard tour; includes “taking the waters” in the well house (drink: Korn (schnapps) or sparkling wine).

Price: €5.00 plus €2.00 supplement per person for drink

“Refreshment from the well”

Duration 30 minutes

Short history of the castle; includes “taking the waters” in the well house (drink: Korn (schnapps) or sparkling wine).

Price: €3.00 plus €2.00 supplement per person for drink

Themed tours for groups (must be booked in advance)

Church tour including Augustusburg Cranach altarpiece

Duration 60 minutes

2015 was the 500th anniversary of the birth of the Renaissance painter Lucas Cranach the Younger (1515-86). The altarpiece in the Augustusburg castle church depicting the Elector’s family is an outstanding example of the artist’s work.

Our tour including Augustusburg Cranach altarpiece includes a film detailing the restoration process and illustrating the significance of Cranach’s work as well as providing an overview of his life and achievements in Augustusburg.

Note: The castle church can only be visited a part of a guided tour.

Price: €4.00

“On the trail of courtly desire”

Duration 1.5 hours

We retrace bygone ages through the Hare Hall and the Venus Hall, in a sensory exploration of the pleasures of hunting, eating, music and dance – everything from courtly manners to love and desire. A glass of wine and some choice nibbles will also be on offer.

Price: €14.00  

On the rack – dungeon tour

Duration 45 minutes

Dare to explore the murky depths of the dungeon at Augustusburg Castle! Step into the castle’s dark past and get a glimpse of the punishment and torture that were once the norm for law enforcement, and not only in medieval times. Our tour asks, amongst other things: What punishments and methods of torture were used? Why were people punished and tortured? What impact did it have on the former Schellenburg castle?

Group size: 15 people

Price: €4.00

Organ concert

Duration 30 minutes

A visit to the castle church with a short organ concert is a unique experience for any group. After an introduction to the characteristic architecture of the Renaissance church with its unique altar paintings by Lucas Cranach the Younger, visitors can enjoy the impressive tones of the Renkewitz organ. Its recent restoration returned it to its original tuning, about 1/4 tone above today’s standard concert pitch, making it a truly unique instrument.

Price: €120.00 per group up to a maximum of 100

Tours will be charged assuming a minimum group size of 15.